Answers on a Postcard

A desperate cry for help? Possibly. A plea to save my sanity? Definitely! But what I need is answers. Damn it but I need some answers.

Friday, April 21, 2006

OK here goes. First things first. I have a brain that just never shuts up. Like a little chihuaua yapping away in the upstairs bedroom. Would love to kick it out the window but apparently it's necessary to my continued existence. And so my brain yadders (is that a word?) on, one question after another and another and another.......................................... But is there ever an answer? Does it finish what it started? No. Question upon question whirling around up there, like little bees buzzing around in a beehive but lacking in the honey production department.
Except......................... Maybe, just maybe, the damn thing (formally known as The Brain) has finally come up with an answer. Simple. Throw myself on the mercy of the Cosmos and get other people to answer the bloody questions for me. Said brain must eventually run itself dry and I can finally get to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or can I?

Does not the whole process itself raise more questions? What exactly is it I'm seeking? Wisdom? A shoulder to cry on? A means of expression? An easy way out? Somebody else to do it all for me? (O00, I quite like that last one.)

So anyways, I ask and you send your answers, to me, on a postcard (or should that be blogcard?)

The only question remaining at the moment is what exactly is it I should be asking?

Need to think on that one for a while. Could be tricky. Might go for the trivial such as what is it exactly that Meatloaf won't do? Or might be the more heavy hate my job what should I do kind of question. Who knows?

Not me. Do you?

Answers on a postcard please.

Eds. xxx


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